Choosing a shower

Across showers, bathroom taps and kitchen taps, our ranges provide a wide variety of products suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

Choosing the right shower

Water supply to bathrooms, wet-rooms, cloakrooms and shower cubicles can differ enormously and have significant effects on how your shower will perform.

First identify your system type which are outlined below.

If in doubt, we recommend you consult with your qualified installer, local water authority, or contact the Deva technical support line on 0800 195 1602.

Low pressure systems

Gravity fed system

This can usually be identified by the presence of a hot water cylinder located in an upstairs room or closet. Cold water is also stored in a tank above the cylinder, often in a loft or attic. Pressure from a gravity fed system can be increased using a pump with twin impellers to boost both hot and cold water.

Unbalanced system

Cold water is supplied by mains pressure whilst the hot supply comes from a cylinder fed by a header tank. Sometimes a back boiler or wall mounted boiler is used to heat a gravity fed supply but this does not have a significant effect on the water pressure. Pressure can be balanced using an equalizing valve bringing both supplies to the lower pressure level. A single impeller pump can be used to boost the low pressure supply. Pumps can only be used on gravity fed supplies. As a rough guide, there is 0.1bar of pressure for every vertical meter between the shower head and the bottom of the tank, subject to pipe configuration and diameters.

High pressure systems

Combination boiler or instantaneous water heating
Mains water is heated in the boiler with the cold supply also coming from the mains.

Unvented hot water system 

Hot water is stored in a pressurised tank which can be located anywhere in the house. With this system, there is no need for a header tank although a small expansion tank can sometimes be seen immediately above the stored hot water. Cold is supplied at mains pressure. Pressure delivered from these systems is usually dictated by the mains pre sure. As mains pressure can vary considerably depending upon your location, contact your local water authority who can provide further information.

Shower head close up
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